Instructor Guidelines

Instructor Guidelines

We look forward to working with you and help get your marine science knowledge out to the world. Our process is as easy as possible and we are here to help guide you through it. For now please read our Instructor Guidelines below and let us know if you have any questions.

When you have finished reviewing them please fill out the contact form below and introduce yourself. We will set up a time to talk and discuss your ideas and how they can fit into our learning platform. We will send you a link to login to your Instructor Portal where you can fill in the blanks and start your Odyssey with us!

Again, we look forward to working with you!

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I have a degree

Ok Great! We would need to know what the degree is in and hope you want to create a course full of lessons from your major or minor. If not that’s ok as long as the content is factually correct and not taken from wikipedia or elswhere. We would also want your degree information for your instructor page so members can see who you are and your background. We want to brag about our instructors and the universities and colleges they went to. That will help sell your courses and lessons. 

I don't have a degree

That’s ok! You don’t need a degree to be an expert in something. Real world experience goes a long way to inspire other to take similar paths. College is not for everyone and there are a lot of people wanting a different path so get ready to inspire them!

A great example is the Lionfish Community. There are lionfish hunters with PhD’s and some who never finished high school and they have more knowledge about hunting lionfish than most of the graduates. They could do tons of lessons on lionfish.

We would want your information for your instructor page so members can see who you are and your background. We want to brag about our instructors and the real world experience they have. That will help sell your courses and lessons.

Where your lessons will go

We have different levels on the learning platform.

  1. Voyager Level is free for everyone and is full of videos, audio, pdfs, etc. You can add content here depending what you want to produce.
  2. Explorer Level is where the actual lessons are and there is a membership charge that gives users access to all the lessons in that level. (Will go live once there are 25 or more lessons on the platform)
  3. Adventurer Level is for members that will participate in our Study Abroad programs and can access all the content in that level, as well as level 1 & 2. (Will go live once there are 25 or more lessons on the platform and Study Abroad opportunites listed)

If you are going to be presenting lessons then you will also have to create some overview videos of those lessons. These will go on the Voyager Level so viewers can see what they are about. Your lessone will go in the Explorer Level.

What to present

Only 5% of the oceans have been researched and out of that 5 % is an ocean full of lessons! So anything you have a strong knowledge and passion for is the perfect topic to present! Topics can be very specific with technical jargon or made easy. It can also have to do with techniques and equipment for gathering data and knowledge. Here are some ideas but not even close to being all of them:

Species breakdown, ocean layers, mangroves, crabs, nudibranchs, cephalopods, corals, coral restoration, ocean acidification, currents & tides, dive equipment, aquanauts, invertebrates, squiggly-do-hickey-thingys. and so on…. Literally anything you are passionate about and can create dozens of lessons for your course topic. Check with us about your ideas.

Formats - Lessons, General Content, etc.

All lessons need to be consistent in quality, sound and time. We will add the intro and exit information. We will also create the trivia game withing your lessons. Once approved we will work with you to get everything right so going forward should be easy. Here is a rough outline of the learning video:

  1. Our into
  2. Your Intro describing what the lesson is about and the 2 – 5 points discussed in the lesson
  3. The lesson describing each of the 2 – 5 points
  4. Recap the 2 – 5 points
  5. Our Trivia game of your 2 – 5 points
  6. Your exit
  7. Our exit

So you really only have to worry about #2, 3 ,4 & 6. Your entire video time should be produced at approximately 8.5 minutes long. It is important to that every lesson is consistent and follows these guidelines. If you want to do multiple parts for the same topic even better. You can have as many as needed. We will file them under your course on the platform. If you need more time and can only cover 1 point then we can discuss that. We want to have as much information as possible so members can learn as much as they want.

Deliverable timeline

We would like for you to deliver 6 lessons to start out with before we add you to the platform. We cannot have courses that only have a few lessons in it. Once the 6 are published we would hope you can deliver at least 1-3 (or more if you want) a month to keep the interest of the members to want to come back for more. If the lesson don’t come in after a couple of months we will take them down until 6 more come in.

We can work and coach you to make the process easy and fun and once you get going it becomes easier. This is just as much your reputation as ours so we encourage you to stay consistent. 

Volunteering is caring

We are a marine conservation nonprofit of volunteer members. We all work hard promote healthy oceans and to inspire others to join us. We do not compensate for your videos and you will not make money from them. However, your reputation in the field from the lessons you give will benefit your as one of the experts in the field. Or maybe it gives you a better chance of getting better jobs because of your knowledge and volunteer work. So just because there is no money exchanged there could still be a big payoff sometime in the future. All donations from the learning platform go to help run our nonprofit and grow our support. We are very appreciative for all who volunteer their time to help inspire more marine science efforts.

Picking a topic

When picking a topic please try to do one that can have many lessons going forward. We do not want single lessons or only a couple per topic. So choose a topic you are passionate about and can create a ton of content for it.

For example if you talk about Seahorses you could easily come up with 100 facts and create lessons from that – species, sizes, locations, food source, predators, survival rate, etc. Then break your lessons up into 3 – 5 facts per lesson that are related to eachother. Then make multiple lessons in parts 1,2,3,4,etc. so it flows properly. 100 facts = 20 – 50+ lessons, maybe more if you do less points per lesson. We want the members to dive into it and come out with a strong knowledge base on that subject.

Lesson Tones

Rule #1 have fun! Your lessons should be fun and engaging for the members. There’s nothing worse that trying to get through a boring lesson while trying to stay awake. Be enthusiastic and remember – nothing sells better that passion. When you are passionate about something others will be as well. But don’t go over the top and turn it into a comedy show because that might lessen the lesson. Oh and don’t force it, people can always tell when someone is pretending to be excited. 

Lesson Agendas

We do not have any agendas here other than giving quality marine science lessons. Your lessons are not a soapbox for world peace, gender equity, politics, etc. they are about marine science. (Period) You can mention warmer water because it is happening but leave out the part where “we’re all going to die in 12 years if we don’t do something now!!!” I believe most of us here are on our 3rd “12 year” go around and we’re still here. We want to create a learning space that’s not trying to scare, bully, recruit, etc. (ok now I’ll get off my soapbox…)

Hidden Agendas

We are here to teach marine science and not build up our reputations or side hustles. We do not want to be a platform where everyone is trying to sell you something – that will cheapen it and we will run out of members. We will market you as one of our Instructors on this website and the learning platform as well. You will be asked to make an introduction video that we can you to introduce you to the members in the Voyager level as well as in the Explorer level. If your lessons are great you’ll become a rockstar without even trying. 

For our eyes only

The effort we are all putting into this project to make it successful means we don’t want you to use the videos for us elsewhere. There is no value if you have the video you make for our platform and have it all over the internet – YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. That will cheapen both yours and our brands. Please commit to making us unique content that does not show up on your website, Patreon account, OnlyFans account… oh wait – yeah we wouldn’t want those videos… You get the point. If we do find them elsewhere we will remove you as one of our Instructors and we’d hate to see you leave. We are working hard to build your brand up globally as well as ours so let’s work together to make it a quality one.

Stick to your passion

It’s easy to teach something when you are passionate about the subject. This will make your job creating and delivering as easy as possible. Dive into your passion subject and run through all the lessons possible. When you are done with that subject you can move onto another one if you’d like or retire an exhausted instuctor. The more indepths your lessons are the better chance we can ask you to be one of our study abroad instuctors – how cool would that be! Exotic locations, beautiful tropical sunsets and eager students waiting to soak up your knowledge and experiences. 

I don't have a lot of content

That’s ok! We have plenty of room for small content creations on the Voyager level. So your content migh not be a lesson as it’s more of a public service announcement, or maybe things to do on a coastal marshland, etc. Reach out to us and start a conversation and we can help guide you to create the perfect videos for the right members.

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