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We are a part of Lionfish Central, Inc., a marine conservation nonprofit dedicated to saving the oceans. We have worked around the world on many projects protecting reefs from invasive species and developed tools to help in the process.

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Something For Everyone

Children & Young Adults

What better way to inspire the youth with all their passion. Marine Science Odyssey can give an ocean worth of knowledge to young minds and help them navigate their future for when they grow up. We make Marine Science fun!

Colleges & Universities

We work with students from colleges and universities all over the world. We provide study abroad, on-campus presentations and video conferencing. We can give you plenty of experiences before graduating to better help in the job process.

Citizen Science

Be a Marine Citizen Scientist or take an eco-vacation and learn something new. You don’t need a degree for saving our oceans. Marine Science Odyssey can help guide you on many opportunities to make an impact for improving the oceans.

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We Are Here For You

We are here to help as many individuals become better acquainted with the Marine Science on a global scale. Afterall, the oceans makes up most of our planet and everyone should get involved in making it better.