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Welcome to the family! Marine Science Odyssey is part of Lionfish Central, Inc., a marine conservation nonprofit dedicated to guiding you on your journey of learning and exploration of our Blue Plant. We are also a platform to support conservation work and activism around the world, having worked on many projects around the world from protecting reefs from invasive species and developing tools to support marine conservation. Through our passion, fundraising, filmmaking and educational content we have something for everyone.

Octopus and Squid Marine Science Odyssey Intern

We Are Here For You.

Every single one of us is connected to our oceans. Our aim is to help as many individuals become better acquainted with Marine Science on a global scale and connect conservation work around the world to people’s homes. Afterall, our oceans make approximately 71% of Earth and our oceans hold about 97% of all the world’s water. We want to inspire the realisation that everybody can have an impact when it comes to conserving our planet.

Together you can join us on our journey and become inspired that our watery world is worth saving and that if we all think globally but act locally, we can preserve conservation for the next generation.

Marine Science Odyssey Coral Study Interning

Countries Border An Ocean


Of Earth's Water Are The Oceans


Of The Earth's Surface Is Salt Water


Of Our Oceans Have Been Explored

Reef Fish Marine Science Odyssey Pufferfish

Why You Should Learn More About Marine Science

There are 183 countries connected to the oceans, which is 97% of all water on earth, which covers 71% of the globe and yet we’ve explored only 5%. This is why we need more people getting involved in Marine Science – to learn as much as we can so we can help keep it healthy. There is a never ending supply of information needed so the more we know the more we can help.

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